Ultimate Sound Setup with Harbeth SHL 5 plus xD: A Review

This blog post delves into an audiophile’s setup featuring the Harbeth SHL 5 plus xD speakers and custom stands.


  • Choosing the Harbeth SHL 5 plus xD as endgame speakers
  • Details on the setup including Behringer A500 and Sony d/a converter
  • Potential future upgrades to the NAD 3050

Worries About Dust

One user expressed concern about dust accumulation on the amplifier and how quickly it may build up, potentially affecting performance

Choosing the Harbeths

Another user was curious about the decision-making process that led to selecting the Harbeth SHL 5 plus xD speakers, highlighting a key aspect of the setup

Simple yet Powerful Setup

Praise was given for the simplicity of the setup, with a user acknowledging the potential for exceptional sound quality

One commenter pointed out the similarity between two posted photos, drawing attention to detail