Unboxing the Aero: An Audiophile’s New DAC Day

Justaute recently unboxed the Aero DAC from Linear Tube Audio and shared fascinating initial impressions in the audiophile community. The DAC boasts a rich mid-range and a spacious soundstage, sparking a lively discussion among enthusiasts.


  • Exploring the nuances of the Aero DAC’s mid-range richness and soundstage.
  • Debating the necessity of burn-in time for electronic components like DACs.
  • Appreciating the aesthetic appeal of the unique DAC design.

New DAC Impressions

Justaute’s first experience with the Aero DAC unveiled a world of mid-range richness and an expansive soundstage. While acknowledging the potential influence of confirmation bias, the DAC’s quality shines through.

Love for Tube DACs

Community members like RAL9010 express their fondness for tube DACs, noting the enchanting glow of tubes and the joy of unboxing a new DAC. The magical allure of tubes adds a touch of nostalgia to the audiophile experience.

Burn-In Debate

Even-Imagination6242 sparks a conversation about the concept of burn-in time for electronic components. While electronic theory may suggest otherwise, audiophiles often enjoy the ritual of allowing new devices to ‘settle in’ before fully assessing their performance.

Distinct-Dentist-934 adds a touch of curiosity by inquiring about the mysterious silver puck atop the amplifier, highlighting the community’s keen eye for detail and appreciation for unique setups.

Each comment reflects a different aspect of the audiophile experience, from technical debates to aesthetic appreciation, creating a vibrant tapestry of opinions and insights.