Unleashing Audiophile Bliss: The All English End-Game Setup

Delve into the world of high-end audio with a system boasting an SME 20/2 and Cadenza black cart, leaving its user sleep-deprived but euphoric.


  • Embark on a sonic journey with a meticulously crafted audio system.
  • Experience natural timbre and immersive soundstage ideal for Classical and Jazz genres.
  • Witness the joy and obsession that comes with owning a top-tier setup.

Sonic Bliss

Macroscan ecstatically shares the completion of his audio system featuring high-end components like SME 20/2 and Cadenza black cart, delivering unparalleled sound quality. The setup, complimented by Tannoy Canterbury GRs and EAR 861s, promises an exceptional audio experience that captivates with its detailed and holographic soundstage.

Expert Insights

DaleAguaAlMono raises a technical concern about the setup’s toe-in angle, hinting at a potential optimization point for even better sound performance. Labvinylsound chimes in with a correction on the origin of the equipment, highlighting the attention to detail in the audiophile community. Soundspotter humorously comments on the setup’s appearance, suggesting a need for a media console or core muscle workout due to its design

Audiophile Obsession

The allure of high-end audio enthusiasts meticulously curating their dream systems is on full display in this post and comments. The passion, attention to detail, and sheer joy derived from experiencing top-tier audio setups are palpable. It’s a world where every component matters, every sound is cherished, and every late-night listening session is a blissful indulgence.