Unleashing the Power of Sound: S95c 77 and Q990c Dorm Setup

A college student shares their excitement about setting up the S95c 77 and Q990c soundbar in their dorm room, comparing it to a live concert experience. The post has received mixed reactions from fellow Redditors.


  • The S95c 77 and Q990c soundbar setup is creating a thrilling experience for the student, akin to attending a live concert.
  • Some commenters express excitement and appreciation for the student’s setup, praising their musical taste.
  • Others have concerns about potential noise disturbance in the college dorm due to the powerful soundbar setup.

A Killer Soundbar Experience

The student expresses their joy at setting up the S95c 77 and Q990c soundbar in their college dorm room. They equate the experience to seeing a live performance by their favorite band, My Chemical Romance.

Love or Hate Relationship

One commenter humorously points out that the student’s neighbors will either love them for the immersive sound experience or perhaps not appreciate the loud setup as much. The potential for mixed reactions is acknowledged.

Rich Sound Quality

Another Redditor simply comments ‘rich,’ indicating approval of the high-quality sound produced by the S95c 77 and Q990c setup. The comment suggests an appreciation for the audio experience.

Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

There is a contrasting perspective as well, with a commenter calling the student an ‘Idiot…’ This negative remark hints at possible disapproval or annoyance regarding the soundbar setup in a college environment.

The mix of reactions to the student’s S95c 77 and Q990c soundbar setup reflects the diverse opinions on the immersive audio experience in a shared living space. While some appreciate the quality and impact of the sound system, others may have concerns about noise disturbance. Whether it’s love or hate, the power of sound can evoke strong emotions within a community.