Unlocking the Future: Scaling Solar Power to 1,000 GW by 2035

With solar power hitting 180 GW in the US, the path to 1,000 GW by 2035 is paved with challenges and opportunities. How can we reach this ambitious goal?


  • Public misconceptions fuel resistance to solar projects
  • Political agendas impact renewable energy progress
  • Investment in energy storage technology is crucial

Insights on Solar Power

In some regions, opposition to solar projects arises from misinformation on job impact

Political Influence

Electing officials supportive of renewable energy policies can accelerate progress

Energy Storage Challenges

Investments in energy storage are essential for grid stability and reliability

Nuclear as an Alternative

Some advocate for nuclear energy as a complement to solar power

Material Supply Concerns

Critical materials demand attention to sustain increased production


Embracing solar power expansion requires addressing misconceptions, political barriers, investing in energy storage, and securing material supplies for sustainable progress.