Unveiling the Mystery: Identifying a DENON Amplifier from a Bad Photo

Curious about identifying the model of a DENON amplifier from a blurry photo? Let’s dive into the adventure!


  • Is the mystery DENON amplifier a hidden treasure or just an average find?
  • Community members offer insights on the possible model based on the limited image.
  • Opinions vary from it being a lower-end model to potential jackpot discovery.

The Hidden Gem

Several users debated whether the DENON amplifier in question is a gem or just a run-of-the-mill device. One user mentioned it could be from the lower-end range of DENON products.

The Model Conundrum

Identifying the model proved to be a challenge due to the blurry image. Suggestions ranged from it possibly being an X1800H to similarities with an AVR-X52DBT.

Community Insights

While some users noted the common design elements of DENON amplifiers, others highlighted specific features like Bluetooth connectivity, hinting at potential model matches.

The discussion showcases the excitement and curiosity within the audiophile community, turning a simple guessing game into an engaging conversation about audio equipment.