Unveiling the Mystery: Identifying the Brand & Value of Speakers

A Reddit user seeks assistance in identifying the brand and value of speakers found, sparking a debate among community members.


  • White van speakers are often considered scams and have little to no value.
  • Black speakers might be passive subs, potentially holding some resale value.
  • Community members suggest trying out the speakers before making a selling decision.

The Debate

Community members offer differing opinions regarding the speakers found by the user. Some refer to the white van speakers as scams, emphasizing their lack of value. Others suggest that the black speakers may hold some resale value, particularly if they are passive subs. One user advises testing the speakers to determine their quality before deciding on selling them, expressing that even discount store car speakers can offer a better audio experience than phone speakers given the right setting.

Financial Conundrum

The original poster expresses a desire to keep the speakers but acknowledges financial constraints that necessitate their sale. Seeking insights on the brand and potential value of the black speakers, the user contemplates the best selling platform—local classifieds or online marketplaces like eBay.

Community Advice

Community members provide suggestions on how to proceed, recommending checking for any markings on the speakers to identify the brand and advising on potential resale value. While some advocate for selling the speakers promptly, others propose giving them a trial run to gauge their performance before making a final decision.

The discussions highlight the diverse perspectives within the audiophile community, showcasing the engagement and willingness to offer assistance to fellow enthusiasts. The quest to unravel the mystery behind the speakers resonates with users, sparking informative exchanges and valuable insights.