Unveiling the Mystery of C.F.B.S in Your Samsung SCM-8300 Stereo System

I recently bought this Samsung SCM-8300 stereo system with a mysterious ‘C.F.B.S’ button. What does C.F.B.S stand for?


  • C.F.B.S could be ‘Cheap Free Bull Shit’ or ‘Computerized Frequency Bass System.’
  • Users have humorous and varied interpretations of C.F.B.S.
  • Samsung may have used technology to enhance bass quality with C.F.B.S.

Insights into C.F.B.S

Some users believe C.F.B.S stands for ‘Complete Fucking Bull Shit’ or ‘completely foolish bass setting,’ indicating a negative sentiment towards its effectiveness.

Potential Meanings of C.F.B.S

One user suggests that C.F.B.S means ‘Computerized Frequency Bass System,’ hinting at a technical feature to optimize bass frequencies for better sound quality.

Evolving Stereos

As technology evolved in stereo systems, manufacturers like Samsung aimed to enhance user experiences by incorporating advanced features like C.F.B.S to set their products apart in the market.

The Mystery Unraveled

Despite the playful interpretations, uncovering the true meaning of C.F.B.S can result from detailed research into vintage Samsung stereo models or reaching out to audio communities for insights.