Upgrade Your Audio: Speaker vs. Amp Dilemma

Looking to enhance your audio setup? A Reddit user seeks advice on upgrading between speakers and amp components.


  • Consider upgrading speakers first for the most noticeable difference
  • Determine if your current amp can drive new speakers
  • Explore the role of DACs in improving CD sound quality


What truly matters is the quality of your current equipment. Start by investing in top-notch speakers within your budget for a significant audio upgrade. A DAC can further enhance your CD playback experience before considering an amp upgrade.


Speakers typically deliver a much larger impact on audio quality compared to other components. Ensure your amp can properly drive new speakers by sharing your current setup details for tailored advice.


Older amps and speakers may be limiting your sound quality. While DACs have shown improvements, identifying whether your amp or CD player houses the DAC is crucial. Choose the right setup for optimal DAC utilization.


Prioritize upgrading your room and setup before investing in speakers. Focus on optimizing your environment for better sound quality, making speakers the next essential upgrade.