Vizio Sound Bar Turning ON OFF By itself

Vizio soundbar had this issue of turning on/off by itself, it has been faced by many people who try to programme their remote with soundbar and TV. There are several reasons why this happens. The problem faced by people is that it gets turned off and then suddenly gets turned on by itself. 

So, this issue has a solution and this article has a lot on the plate to solve by the steps you have to certainly follow.

Vizio Sound Bar Turning ON OFF By itself

Why does it occur?

There are many reasons why this problem has been faced by people. It could be firmware update of soundbar and TV, eco setting of on/off, using another remote and not Vizio remote. These could be the reasons why such issues occur while using Vizio soundbars.


  1. Resetting the Vizio soundbar could vanish and help to start fresh so that it cleans all the glitches and bugs from the soundbar, which will solve all the problems by itself.
  2. Changing the settings of eco mode in your television could also solve the methods of the soundbar.
  3. The vizio soundbar has to be updated if you are using an outdated version. Outdated firmware doesn’t support the Vizio soundbar.
  4. Another method could be changing the remote if your television’s remote is not working and you have bought another one which is not original. Then you have to use the original remote of the vizio soundbar to make it work.
  5. If another device is connected automatically through HDMI arc from another device it’s assistance to disconnect the CEC settings. 
  6. Also, overheating could also be the reason for turning on and off the vizio soundbar.
  7. Making sure that the sound of the soundbar is fixed to TV input for a clear idea.
  8. Turning off the Vizio remote setting which combines itself with the automatic soundbar so that it doesn’t turn off by itself.
  9. Check if the sound is audible from the TV after switching off the soundbar.
  10. Press and hold the power button for 1 second and start playing it again.
  11. Check if the TV has an arc port and is properly fixed in it.
  12. Factory reset could be the last option but before that restarting the device is suggested.
  13. It also has a reason to do so as the power consumption could be very high and hence it keeps turning on and off by itself.
  14. The timer could be set for the soundbar Therefore the timer for this device cannot be changed. 
  15. If there is no power outrage there are changes of soundbar getting off this could be solved by simply turning the power on to bring back the soundbar online.
  16. If the standby mode is set to the soundbar the inactivity of the device could be a problem for this to work properly. so, the solution is to switch the power in button to get back online.

In many cases the shutting off and on of the speaker could be related to wiring of receive and signal, a single strand of wire would cause turning off and on of the device by itself. The soundbar has to receive an input signal within 15 minutes of the time for the proper working of the Vizio soundbar.

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It is suggested that if any of the above methods don’t work the Vizio soundbar support team should be called for help. 


This article would probably solve all the issues of the Vizio sound bar turning on and off by itself.

Hope this article was helpful to resolve the issue!