Well Fargo Employee Firings: Outrage or Justified Action?

Employees at Wells Fargo were recently fired for simulating keyboard activity. Users express mixed feelings about the company’s ethics and management.


  • Employees criticize the use of keyboard activity as a metric for performance assessment.
  • Users highlight Wells Fargo’s history of unethical behavior and fraud.
  • Some see the firings as just consequences for the company’s past actions.


SillyKniggit mocks the ineffective metric of monitoring keyboard activity and calls for fair performance evaluation practices to boost morale and productivity.

goodmorningsexy criticizes Wells Fargo’s hypocrisy in upholding high standards while engaging in unethical practices themselves, suggesting a double standard within the organization.

LikelyTrollingYou humorously alludes to the irony of banning simulated customer fraud at Wells Fargo while referencing the company’s past controversies.

__OneLove__ draws attention to Wells Fargo’s history of fraudulent practices, implying that the company’s punitive actions may be justified due to its shady reputation in the industry.


void_const sarcastically remarks on Wells Fargo’s supposed ethical standards, indicating skepticism towards the integrity of the company’s actions.

GigaRegard humorously predicts future repercussions for employees using mouse jigglers, suggesting a comical perspective on the situation.

thisguypercents shares a personal story of transitioning from simulating activity to promoting work-life balance, highlighting the importance of a healthy workplace culture for productivity.

SoupIsForWinners discloses their strategy of simulating activity and criticizes software policies that enforce constant interaction as counterproductive to social interactions in the workplace.


Lord_Bling identifies humor in Wells Fargo’s statement on ethical behavior, suggesting a satirical view on the company’s purported standards..