Why Data Breaches Are Making Us Want to Shred Everything

Data breaches are becoming more common, and Reddit users are feeling the effects of their personal data being compromised by big companies. From AT&T losing sensitive information to Dell’s nonchalant attitude towards customer security, it’s clear that users are fed up with the lack of accountability. Employee errors, budget constraints, and a general lack of emphasis on security are contributing to this growing problem. But amidst the frustration, some users are considering extreme measures, like making their information worthless or freezing their credit, to protect themselves. Is there a solution to this ongoing issue, or are we doomed to suffer the consequences of lax data protection?


  • Users are frustrated with the increasing frequency of data breaches, especially when companies fail to take responsibility for compromised information.
  • Employee errors and a lack of security focus are highlighted as key reasons for data breaches.
  • Some users believe that companies prioritize cost-cutting over investing in robust security measures, leading to preventable breaches.

Personal Accounts

One user shared their disbelief at AT&T losing a vast array of personal information, blaming Congress for lacking privacy laws. Another user expressed skepticism towards Dell’s claims of taking customer security seriously, calling it a standard and meaningless phrase in breach notification emails.

Industry Insight

An IT professional lamented the lack of security emphasis in companies, noting that security is often the last priority and is only addressed after major incidents. They suggested implementing security audits and fines for breaches to hold companies accountable.

User Responses

Some users are considering extreme measures, such as making their information ubiquitous to render it worthless. Others are advocating for freezing credit to protect themselves from potential breaches. The sentiment is a mix of frustration, resignation, and a desire for proactive security measures to combat data breaches.