Why Do My New Speakers Sound Odd? Exploring Audiophile Concerns

HYGOZE wonders why the Wharfdale Linton 3XPs sound odd after switching from Mission 760i’s.


  • Speaker setup transition causing strange sound.
  • Possible coil rub issues in the drivers.
  • Comparison to laptop speakers raises eyebrows.
  • Mixed opinions on the unique sound of the new speakers.

Thoughts on the Sound

“Sounds like one of the drivers has coil rub or is partially blown,” suggests Landon-AKG, mentioning potential fixes such as re-coning the woofer.

Comparison to Laptop Speakers

No_Bluebird4146 amusingly notes the speakers sound like laptop speakers, sparking intrigue and skepticism among users.

Mixed Opinions

emiel_vt shares a chill perspective, likening the sound to the Peppers and suggesting the unique mix may be intentional.

Users debate the anomalies, contemplating technical issues, and enjoying the new flavor the speakers bring to the table. Whether it’s coil rub, intentional mixing, or simply a unique audio experience, the community engages in lively discussions around the auditory mysteries.