Why Not Stream High Res Lossless from iPad? The Audiophile Debate

Debating on whether streaming high-res lossless audio from an iPad is a good idea? Dive into the world of audiophiles and their thoughts on this topic.


  • Convenience vs. Quality
  • Multiple Room Audio
  • Wireless vs. Wired
  • Perceived Difference in Audio Quality

Convenience vs. Quality

Some users prefer the convenience of wireless streaming from dedicated streamers for an untethered experience, while others argue for the superior quality of using wired connections from devices like iPads for high-res lossless audio.

Multiple Room Audio

Using dedicated streamers allows users to distribute audio across different rooms without the need for running wires or managing separate control systems. This setup offers the flexibility of having different audio playing in various locations simultaneously.

Wireless vs. Wired

Opinions vary on the choice between wireless and wired connections for streaming audio. While wireless setups offer freedom of movement, wired connections like USB-C to HDMI cables may provide a more stable and high-fidelity audio transmission.

Perceived Difference in Audio Quality

Some audiophiles believe that the majority of listeners cannot discern the difference between lossy and lossless audio, especially without high-end equipment and a dedicated listening environment. This raises questions about the value of investing in high-res audio setups for the average consumer.