WiiM Ultra vs. Arcam ST5 – The Battle of the Streamers

When it comes to choosing the perfect streaming device for your audio setup, the debate between the Arcam ST5 and the upcoming WiiM Ultra has audiophiles buzzing with excitement.


  • The WiiM Ultra boasts impressive features at a lower price point than the Arcam ST5.
  • Users appreciate the intuitive UI and superior app functionality of the WiiM Ultra.
  • While the Arcam ST5 offers solid sound quality, its clunky app and display limitations leave users wanting more.

User Experience

Many users are praising the WiiM Ultra for its advanced features and user-friendly interface. One user commented, ‘The Wiim will be tough to beat at any price.’ It seems like the Wiim Ultra has set a new standard in the streaming device market.

Sound Quality Comparison

Though the WiiM Ultra excels in functionality, some users still value sound quality above all else. One comment mentioned, ‘the Arcam might be a better sounding streamer.’ The debate between features and audio performance continues to divide opinions.

Price Point and Value

With the WiiM Ultra priced at less than half of the Arcam ST5 and offering a range of additional features, many users see it as a better value proposition. One user even preordered the WiiM Ultra, citing its screen, room correction, and connectivity advantages.

Final Thoughts

As the battle between the WiiM Ultra and Arcam ST5 rages on, users are faced with a tough decision. While the WiiM Ultra impresses with its innovative design and functionality, the Arcam ST5 holds its ground with solid sound quality. Whether you prioritize features or audio performance, both streamers offer unique benefits that cater to different audiophile preferences.