Wisdom LS4 Speakers: The Audiophile’s Dream

Got a demonstration of Wisdom LS4’s today. Safe to say I was very impressed. Paired with two Wisdom subwoofers, these floor standers pack one hell of a punch!


  • The Wisdom LS4 speakers deliver an exceptional sound performance
  • Users appreciate the powerful impact when paired with Wisdom subwoofers
  • Some find the design reminiscent of air purifiers

Skeeevo’s Insight

According to Skeeevo, the speakers sounded similar to their computer speakers

BigBagaroo’s Take

BigBagaroo complimented the speakers, labeling them as ‘cool’

disguyovahea’s Observation

disguyovahea humorously mentioned the resemblance to a monolith popping into the room

MattHooper1975’s Opinion

MattHooper1975 wasn’t a fan of the design but expressed curiosity about their performance

daveschulze praised the choice of a particular song as a test track