Yamaha AS-2200: Audiophile Bliss or Just Another Heavy Box?

Discover the new sonic world unlocked by the Yamaha AS-2200 in this colorful journey filled with music, knobs, and 50lbs of audio power.


  • The Yamaha AS-2200 unveils unseen layers in classic albums.
  • Users praise the amp’s clear low and mids performance.
  • Community members appreciate the tactile experience of treble and bass adjustments.

The Power of Yamahas

Rocking classic and timeless design, the Yamaha AS-2200 impresses users with its sonic prowess and elegant control layout.

Dreaming of a DAC

Enthusiasts lament the lack of a matching DAC in the Yamaha AS series, sparking discussions on ideal audio setups.

Weighted Innovation

While some marvel at the amp’s weight as a testament to its build quality, others ponder the logistical challenges it poses in a home audio setup.

The Yamaha AS-2200 emerges as more than a piece of hardware; it embodies a journey of rediscovering music in its truest form, with each knob turn and bass adjustment adding layers to the audiophile experience.