How to Connect Insignia Soundbar to TV [Step-by-Step]

You might want to connect your Insignia soundbar with the TV but don’t know how to do it. Right? A month ago, I was in the same position when I bought the insignia soundbar. So, I started to search online, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything that could help me.

After wasting 7 to 8 hours, I connected the insignia soundbar with the TV, which can be done in only 15 minutes. This is why I am compiling this article to save your time and help you connect the soundbar with your TV very easily.

This article will help you step-by-step process to connect the TV with the soundbar, and even if you don’t have the technical background, you can easily connect it. So, keep reading.

What Things You will Need?

There are some important things that you would need before to make the process smooth. You might have noticed that the cable that comes with the soundbar is analog. You can connect TV with it too; however, if you want high-quality sound, we recommend you go for the optical digital cable. It would not cost you more than ten bucks, but the sound quality creates the difference.

You can select the length of the cable according to your requirements but make sure you have some extra cable so, if in the near future you want to move to a new house or new room, you have the margin to adjust the cable.

How to Connect the Insignia Soundbar to TV?

We will tell you step by step how you can connect the Insignia Soundbar with your TV.

Step 1: Put Soundbar at its Place

The first step is to put the soundbar with your TV at its place.

Step 2: Connect the Cable with TV  

When you have bought the digital optical cable, it’s time to connect with your TV. You don’t need to touch other cables in the panel, just find the digital output socket and put the cable into it. The cable would fit perfectly into the socket, and you will hear the click sound, which means you completed step 2 and need to move to the next step.

Step 3: Connect Cable with Soundbar

Now search the socket that says “SOURCE 1 OPTICAL” at the back of the soundbar and put the other end of the socket in it. It will lock at its place, and you will hear the click sound once it reaches its place.

Step 4: Plug in Soundbar and lower the TV volume

Now put one side of the power cable in the soundbar and the other side in the socket. Once the soundbar is turned on, turn the TV volume lower so you can listen to music on the soundbar.

Step 5: Set TV Audio

Now you are at the second last step in connecting the soundbar with your TV. Open the menu, and then in settings, look for the digital audio output. When you find it, set it to the PCM. Now you have connected the Insignia soundbar with your TV.

Step 6: Turn On Sound Bar

Now, are you ready to listen to the audio with the most popular soundbar in the market? If yes, then take the remote and turn on the soundbar. You might wonder that the soundbar is still not producing the sound because you need to press the source button under the power button, and once you press it, the soundbar will start making the sound.

These are some steps that would help you to connect the Insignia soundbar with your TV very easily.


Many people don’t know how to connect the Insignia soundbar with their TV; they search online but can’t get good results, so here we come to help you. In this article, we have told you how you can connect a soundbar with your TV step by step.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a technical background; after reading this article, you will connect the soundbar with your TV very easily. If this article helps you in any way, then make sure you share it with your friends and family members. This motivates us a lot to produce high-quality content for you.