How to Connect LG Soundbar to WiFi

Did you know that to enjoy your Soundbar, you don’t have to connect to the television or any other device necessarily? Connecting a SoundBar to the Wi-Fi can allow you to stream the music on the Soundbar without any hassle. 

If you have an LG Soundbar and want to know how you can be connected to the Wi-Fi, read the article because below, we will mention the steps that you can follow to connect LG Soundbar to Wi-Fi. 

Steps to Follow to Connect LG Soundbar to WiFi 

Steps of connecting Soundbar to Wi-Fi differ from Soundbar to Soundbar. So the steps that we will mention to connect LG Soundbar to Wi-Fi will not be applicable for any other Soundbar unless the programming of that Soundbar is similar to the LG one. 

Step 1: Power on the LG Soundbar 

The first step is to plug the Soundbar with the power outlet and power it on so that you can start with the further connection process. 

Step 2: Connect Phone/ Laptop With the Wi-Fi

In the second step, you have to connect the device that can be a mobile laptop or computer with which you will see the content on someone with the same Wi-Fi connection with which you will connect the Soundbar. 

It is essential that both the devices, your mobile phone and Soundbar, are connected to the same Wi-Fi network to make the connection possible. 

Step 3: Download Google Home App in Phone/Laptop

To complete the connection, you have to download Google Home App on your smartphone. Google Home App will allow you to connect your phone with the Soundbar, with which you can further connect it to the Wi-Fi network. 

As we discussed before starting the steps, each Soundbar has different programming; therefore, connecting it to Wi-Fi is also different. Keep that thing in mind; you must know that Google Home App is only Compatible with LG Soundbar, and it won’t work with other Soundbars like Bose, Vizio, or more. 

Step 4: Open the Application and Follow Steps 

When you have downloaded the Google Home app, you have to open the application, and on the homepage, you see the instructions to connect your Soundbar to the Wi-Fi connection. Follow the steps to establish the connection and connect your LG Soundbar to the Wi-Fi. 

Step 5: Enjoy the Music 

Now that you have connected your Soundbar with the Wi-Fi, you can conveniently hear the music and other audio. Connecting the LG Soundbar to Wi-Fi will also come in handy when connecting it to the TV wirelessly. 

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Wrapping it Up 

Now, we have come to the end of this article, and these were the five simple steps that you have to follow to connect LG Soundbar to Wi-Fi. To use the Soundbar to its fullest, you must connect it with the Wi-Fi. We hope these steps will help you to complete this task quickly.