How To Connect Two Wireless Subwoofers To One Soundbar

It is imperative to buy subwoofers along with soundbars because subwoofers are a type of speaker that has low frequency and helps to reduce bass frequency coming out of soundbars. They also include built-in amplifiers that reduce the frequencies. They are used in music industries, such as for guitar, pipe organs etc., to reduce frequencies caused by them to the lowest. They are famous for home theatre and car systems that reduce more sound coming out with the soundbars.

Let us find how to connect two wireless subwoofers to one soundbar.

Is a connection between two subwoofers and a soundbar possible?

Yes, connecting two subwoofers to a single soundbar is possible, and it also depends on the brands both of them belong to. Some brands could be extended and hence be connected to more than one subwoofer. So, it is necessary to check its compatibility and ability to connect it with two subwoofers.

Connection of 2 wireless subwoofers is only possible by connecting one of them wirelessly and the other using cable. No, you cannot connect two subwoofers to the soundbar wirelessly using bluetooth rather one of them has to be connected using cables. It is always a plus if both of them belong to the same brand.

  • If both the soundbar has a wired connection, it has to have RCA output to connect it to one soundbar.
  • Connecting one wire and one wirelessly is an easy task to manage and connect it to one soundbar. Doing this would result in more quality sound and powerful bass.
  • You can connect one old and one new wireless subwoofer to one soundbar.
  • We are using an RCA y adapter to send the parallel signals to two different subwoofers. So, the connectivity could be the same connecting one subwoofer.

Steps To Connect Two Subwoofers To One Soundbars Using Bluetooth And A Cable

Follow the steps to get the job done:

  1. Pairing one subwoofer with a soundbar using bluetooth and pairing another one as well with the same soundbar using cable. The subwoofers when connected by an external cable give qualitative sound out of the soundbar.
  2. Turn ON Bluetooth in one of the subwoofers and in your soundbar. Connect the subwoofer with the soundbar using bluetooth only.
  3. Once this is done, bring a cable according to the ports available in your second subwoofer and the soundbar.
  4. Now, connect them using the cable.
  5. If you can do this, you can surely connect both of your wireless subwoofers to a single soundbar. So you can enjoy a more powerful bass.

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Locating the connection point of connecting Bluetooth and the amplifier paired with the subwoofer has to be precise, and one wrong connection would not give sound out of the soundbar and subwoofers, which might result in no sound at all.

The other subwoofer has to follow the same steps to connect as equally given to the same soundbar. The soundbar can connect only specific brands of subwoofers to the soundbox. Have to look over every aspect of the connectivity for perfection.

Note: Both the subwoofers have to have the same brand for the possible connectivity.

Summing up

You can connect as many subwoofers you want, but finding the best spot is necessary for each device. This will require a lot of time and good surroundings to hear the sound and adjusting the settings to get the best results out of it.

Connecting wireless subwoofers takes a lot of time, and it’s expensive as well. But, wireless subwoofers give the best sound irrespective of switching off the power. Therefore, think before buying any subwoofers and buy it of the same brand to hear the heavenly sounds coming out of your home theatre or gaming zone.

We hope that this article about how to connect two wireless subwoofers to one soundbar has helped you so far to get to know the tactics you can use to make the connection successful.