How to Connect Vizio Soundbar To Wifi

Do you have a Vizio SoundBar? Did you know that you could connect with your Wi-Fi! Yes, that’s right. You can connect your Vizio SoundBar with your Wi-Fi to take advantage of all the features and updates in Vizio SoundBar.

Now you might think, what can you possibly get when you connect a Vizio Soundbar to your Wi-Fi? The primary benefit of connecting your SoundBar with your Wi-Fi is that whenever there is a new update available from Vizio, your SoundBar will automatically download and install it.Table of ContentsShow

How Can You Connect Vizio Soundbar to WiFi?

Soundbars have become a significant necessity in every household nowadays because mostly the built-in speakers in television cannot produce good quality sound while watching movies, playing games, and listening to music.

Vizio is one of the top brands that create some of the best sleek soundbars combined with outstanding features and add to the aesthetics of the entire setup.

If you want to create a connection between your Vizio SoundBar and Wi-Fi, all you have to do is download one app, the Vizio Smartcast app, and with the help of that, you can easily connect your Soundbar with your Wi-Fi.

If you want to use your Vizio SoundBar to its maximum capacity, it must be connected with Wi-Fi so that it remains up-to-date and keeps rendering the latest outstanding features.

Vizio Smartcast is an App from which you can have access to most of the features of Vizio devices, and it also allows you to watch various movies shows.

Below, we will share the complete step-by-step guide that you can follow to connect Vizio SoundBar to Wi-Fi.

Steps to Follow to Connect Vizio SoundBar to Wi-Fi

Step 1: Download Vizio Smartcast App

The first step that you have to follow to connect Vizio SoundBar to Wi-Fi is to download the Vizio Smartcast app on your mobile phone. This application is readily available for various operating systems so that you can find it on either Playstore or App store.

Step 2: Set the SoundBar in Wi-Fi Setup Mode

In the next step, you have to make sure that your mobile phone is connected with Wi-Fi all the time. Now you have to put Vizio SoundBar into Wi-Fi setup mode. For the Wi-Fi setup mode, press the menu button that is given on your Vizio remote.

Scroll down with the help of the remote control, and when you find the Wi-Fi setup option click on it. In the Vizio remote control, the selection happens with the use of the play-pause button.

Step 3: Use Vizio Smartcast App

When you have selected the Wi-Fi setup mode, an LED light will blink on your Soundbar, indicating that the device has entered into the pairing mode.

Once it has entered the pairing mode, the following steps will be completed with the help of the Vizio Smartcast app. Open the app, and on the home screen, you will see three dots in the top left corner.

Click on the dots, after which you will see a drop-down menu from where you have to select “Device Settings.” You can find this option at the bottom of the list.

Step 4: Create Connection Between Soundbar and Wi-Fi

This is the last step of the entire process of connecting Vizio Soundbar to your Wi-Fi. Once you have found the option Device Settings in the drop-down list, you have to select it. After choosing that option, another menu will open in which you have to click Vizio Devices.

After clicking on visual devices, an option will come on the screen that is “Add a new device.” In the end, all you have to do is to add your Vizio SoundBar to the list, after which you can conveniently connect it to your Wi-Fi.

These are the simple four steps that you can follow to connect Vizio SoundBar to Wi-Fi. Having an external audio system like SoundBar undoubtedly enhances the sound experience of the users.

Although when you connect the Vizio Soundbar with the Wi-Fi, you can use it to its maximum capacity to get the latest updates and features. This is the end of this is a step-by-step guide that you can use for connecting Vizio Sound Bar to the Wi-Fi. Now, let’s wrap it up.

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Summing it Up

Often, people cannot get the full advantage of the features provided with Vizio SoundBar because the device is not up to date.

The update in a SoundBar cannot be done without Wi-Fi, so it becomes essential that you connect your Vizio Soundbar to Wi-Fi, and with the steps that we have mentioned above, we can conveniently do that.

After reading this article, we hope you will be able to enjoy a high-quality sound experience from Vizio SoundBar after connecting them to the Wi-Fi.