Bluetooth Pairing Not Working on Vizio Sound Bar

A Vizio soundbar brings style and astounding sound performance to your home entertainment system. They have a stylish design and pack some fantastic features to liven up your home theater setup. Vizio soundbars are one of the best devices in the market at the moment. 

But as stunning as they are, these soundbars are not immune to issues, and you will need to troubleshoot whatever problem your device faces if you want to continue enjoying it. 

Bluetooth Pairing Not Working on Vizio Sound Bar

If the Bluetooth pairing is not working on your Vizio Sound Bar, it can be resolved by following a few easy tricks. Ensure that you are following the right pairing procedure, which is stated below:

  1. Press the Bluetooth button on the soundbar or the Bluetooth button on the remote for 5 seconds. Simultaneously, the soundbar is in Bluetooth pairing mode, the LED indicators on the display panel on the front of the soundbar will start flashing again and again. Once the device is correctly paired, the LED indicators will stop flashing.
  2. You can then search for the soundbar using Bluetooth on your device.
  3. Check by playing audio from your connected device. Volume levels can be controlled on your source device and the soundbar.

You generally face pairing issues when there is a change in the settings on the device, or you might be using the wrong method. If your soundbar is not pairing, it could be due to the distance or obstacles between the device and the soundbar. Ensure that you keep your device within 30 feet of your soundbar.

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Following are the steps to troubleshoot this common problem:

  • Restart both the source device and the Vizio soundbar. Try again to pair.
  • Even though the Vizio soundbar has 30 feet range, make sure you are in the range, and nothing hinders the path. When a problem is faced with Bluetooth pairing, you should bring both the source device and Vizio sound bar within a one-foot range.
  • Forget/Unpair and pair again. You have to forget the sound bar from the source device and then pair it again. After failing, you need to turn OFF and then ON Bluetooth on the source device.
  • Check if other wireless devices are in use around. Some of these devices interfere with Bluetooth pairing. Move away from these devices.
  • If your Vizio sound bar is not pairing with Bluetooth on a particular device, you should try pairing it with another device. It will ensure that there is no problem with the soundbar, whereas the device might be at fault.
  • If you pair with a PC, you may need to download and install particular drivers to pair your computer with the Vizio soundbar using Bluetooth. Most PCs can connect effortlessly, but it is an important point when pairing with a PC. You can search for drivers on google. You will seldom face this issue when pairing Vizio Sound Bars.
  • If none of the given solutions work out, and you are still experiencing Bluetooth pairing issues, you are left with one option: resetting your Vizio soundbar. Resetting will solve any problem with settings and following the above steps, if required you will be able to pair your soundbar.

This information is suitable for all different types of Vizio Soundbars. With these solutions, you’ll be able to enjoy a trouble-free sound experience!