LG Subwoofer Not Connecting to Soundbar – Solutions

Connections sometimes seem to be difficult to connect. Hysterically the statement seems to be advent in daily life, but this also occurs when dealing with electronic appliances and devices especially when each day we are upgrading!

In the world of sounds, LG Subwoofer and the Sound-Bar sounds a hit combination but the real hassle occurs when somehow your devices switch onto the denial mode rejecting any connection.

Any gadget lover would’ve come across the pain when everything seems to work fine and yet nothing works… to be honest! This for instance is just a small issue which leads towards failed connection.

In today’s world, a small problem dwells into bigger issue.  Time today is the key to success and as much as your devices take less time are surely to be the favorites in the checklist of an enthusiastic entertainment lover.

To gear up your entertainment drive, you need to tackle any problems that might create trouble interrupting your experience of indulgence especially when it comes to listening to your favorite music.

LG Subwoofer Not Connecting to Soundbar – Fixes

Establishing a careful connection can easily omit the chance of errors, so fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride of sound uninterrupted.

Establish a Fresh Connection

LG subwoofer and the Sound-Bar are meant to be automatically connect, yet if the connection seems to be broken or un-established, follow these few simple steps:

  1. Look for the power cord for the LG Subwoofer and the Sound-Bar, make sure the power cords are working and the power is appropriate.
  2. Turn on the power button on both devices.
  3. As the device are turned on, the LED light starts blinking on the subwoofer. It takes 3-5 seconds usually when both the devices communicate before establishing a valid connection.
  4. As the LED turns green, it assures that the devices are ready to entertain.


If the LG subwoofer has no sound even after establishing the connection, and the LED light continues to blink, means the pairing between both the devices was a failure.

This leads you to take the power in your hands, meaning the connection now is to be held manually.

Connecting LG Subwoofer to SOUNBAR Manually

There can be several reasons relating why yourLG Subwoofer failed to connect with the Sound-Bar. A keen look through each move can evaluate your chances for a better connectivity.

  1. Place the LG Subwoofer within 15 to 16 feet of each other. Ideally avoid long distances and any obstacle which seems to block the path of the connection.
  2. Devices on the same Wi-Fi connection should be disconnected to avoid miscommunications within the devices. Too many connections might also be the reason for the subwoofer to connect to the Sound-Bar.
  3. Turn the volume down on your Sound-Bar, this helps the devices to read each other easily. Turn the volume down by using a remote control pressing the VOL- until the LED starts blinking RED, normally after a few seconds.
  4. Press the mute button for a few seconds, as soon as the LED is blinking
  5. Find out the pairing button in the subwoofer. It is placed on the back of the LG Subwoofer.
  6. Get yourself a screw driver or a miniature object to help access the button build inset of the subwoofer.
  7. An alternative blink between red and green shall be flashing, unplug both devices immediately and completely unplug them.
  8. Keep them unplugged for a few moments, now re-plug the subwoofer and the Sound-Bar. Automatically the devices will pair within few moments. The LED at this moment should turn solid GREEN indicating a successful connection.


Mostly there is an easy connection between these devices as they are always made user friendly, to avoid fuss make sure to read a guideline or a manual before connecting. Also make sure the devices are working individually or else your devices need to be repaired. Follow the signs carefully.