Samsung TV Optical Out No Sound

The optical cable is one of the most efficient ways to connect a device to an external speaker so that users can enjoy a better sound quality.

However, most Samsung TV users have complained that they do not hear sound coming out of the speaker after connecting the optical cable with the external speaker or soundbar.

What Can You Do If You Are Facing a Similar Problem?

This is one of the severe problems because how will you enjoy the music if there is no sound! People often forget that you have to customize a setting to get the sound when you connect an optical cable with your Samsung TV to an external audio system.

In this article, we will share what you can do if you are also facing the problem of Samsung TV’s optical out no sound. So if you also have a Samsung TV and face a similar situation, do not worry; keep reading ahead.

What is Audio Out Optical Out on Samsung TV?

Audio Out Optical Out is a feature that allows you to connect your Samsung TV to your soundbar via an optical cable. This is a convenient way to send audio from your TV to your soundbar, as opposed to using HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) which only sends audio from your soundbar back to the TV.

The Audio Out (Optical) jack is a digital audio output that carries the audio signal to an external decoder. The Optical jack carries signals encoded in Dolby Digital or DTS. The audio signal is encoded onto a carrier wave, which modulates the light of the optical fiber.

This allows for greater distances between the source and receiver without losing sound quality. The main reason for this is to allow you to have access and listen to digital music

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Steps to Follow to Fix the Samsung TV Optical Out No Sound Issue

Step 1: In the first step, you have to go to the menu page on your Samsung TV. You have to go to the sound section in the menu settings, where you have to select the sound output as the “Audio Out” option.

If the sound output is set on TV speakers, you won’t hear the sound coming out from the external speaker connected with the optical cable.

Step 2: once you have changed audio output in the sound section, go back and select “Expert Settings.” In the expert setting, you will find HDMI input audio and digital output audio format. You have to change both formats to PCM.

Step 3: once you have changed to the export setting, go to the sound setting on your Samsung TV. In the drop-down list, you will see various options such as HDMI and internal TV speakers, but you have to select optically out of all.

When you select optically, another drop-down list will appear. You have to choose a digital out sound, connecting Samsung TV with an external audio system.

Step 4: The last step is testing the sound because you have changed all the settings required for this process. Play any audio on your Samsung TV and see if the audio comes from the external speaker you have connected with the help of the optical cable.

If you cannot listen to the audio coming out from the external audio system, then there might be an issue with the speaker that you have connected because the settings you have made in Samsung TV are perfectly fine.

What Can You Do if Sound Still Doesn’t Come Out?

If, after making all the relevant settings in your Samsung TV, you can still hear the sound from the external speaker, you can try out a few things that can fix this issue.

The first thing that you can do is change the optical cable that you are using because there might be a possibility that the cable you are using is damaged, so it is better to try a new one to be sure of it.

The second thing you can try is to look for the ports on the Samsung TV and the speaker or the audio system you are using. The connectivity ports on either of the devices may be damaged.

The last thing that you can try is to reboot the external audio system that you are using. When you factory reset the device, in this case, a speaker or SoundBar, it goes to the default setting that can fix the minor issue that might be happening in the device.

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How to Test an Optical Cable?

The answer to this is that there is no easy way to test an optical cable. There are several ways to test them, but none of them can guarantee 100% accuracy. There are two methods for testing optical cables: – Using a light meter – Using an oscilloscope

Wrapping it Up

This is the end of this article, and we hope that with the steps and the methods that we have shared in this article, you will solve the issue that your Samsung TV is not producing sound with the optical cable.

For the connection between the TV and the speaker, it is essential that you have made the relevant settings in your Samsung TV and that the optical cable you are using for the connection is in perfect condition.

After doing everything, you can still not hear any sound coming out from the external speaker; then, there might be some hardware issue that you can show in the service center.