VIZIO Sound Bar Bass Too Loud

The Vizio sound bar is used for home theatre and getting better sound quality. 

There are several complaints dodged about the Vizio soundbar’s bass that is too loud. 

This happens for several reasons why the bass is so loud. Therefore in this article, we will showcase solutions. What to do if this happens?

Here are methods to solve this issue. And tips for further help.

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VIZIO Sound Bar Bass Too Loud – Solutions


  • This problem typically depends on the version of the Vizio soundbar, and it rarely affects the Vizio soundbar. 
  • Vizio 2.1 or Vizio 5.1 soundbar versions usually face this issue where the bass goes too loud.
  • The simple solution is to turn off the soundbar and turn it on after a few seconds to check if it works properly.
  • To turn off the loud bass, you have to go to the menu and then click on audio later, superior surround sound and turn it off. Though it gives qualitative sound but most of the time it gives, it’s too loud.
  • Also, the given bass sound can be as low as possible by the same procedure given upwards. To check the bass sound.
  • Sometimes the bass sound is too loud, and even if adjusted, the desired level of sound is not audible. For that, there is also a solution where resetting and updating the soundbar are the best options.
  • The other reason could be that the soundbar could have very few speaker channels which causes loud noise while watching something.
  • The soundbar’s bass is set for home theatres, game rooms and so on. Therefore it needs bigger space so that the voice could become more qualified to play.
  • The volume scaling goes way too loud for some audio and way too low for something else. The feature has been adjusted accordingly before use.
  • If the bass of the Vizio soundbar goes too loud and the HDMI arc doesn’t make any difference, then the other option would be optical digital output on the TV to suit the correct level of volume.
  • The Vizio soundbar requires enabling and disabling TV speakers so that the sound quality could be more clearer. 
  • The digital output mode could be helpful as it can force the TV to lower the unsupported audio, which formats itself to PCM audio. Can use this option if the receiver is old and connected to the TV. 

For further details: 

The Vizio soundbar requires a AAA battery that requires it to get switched on.

Things to take care of:

  1. Vizio sound bar needs spacious rooms to hear a better quality of sound.
  2. Turning off the soundbar will solve the major issue that is caused by the Vizio soundbar.
  3. Resetting the Vizio soundbar could vanish all the bugs and glitches in the Vizio soundbar.
  4. The firmware should be up-to-date on both soundbar and television. So that. I could fix these old issues.


If these tips don’t work and the Vizio soundbar still has those issues of bass being too loud, the issue is with the cable attached or the settings are not proper. Therefore the Vizio soundbar has to be changed in hardware type.

I could easily set the bass with the volume of bass, setting it to zero, but bass levels in home theatre add different fun levels! Hence, this article should be helpful for people who are facing issues with their soundbar bass being too loud.

Kindly! Follow those methods. If nothing worked, it is suggested to call the Vizio support system for further help.