Vizio Sound Bar Eco Mode

Here in this article we will discuss about the Vizio Sound Bar Eco Mode.

Vizio Soundbar has many exciting features. It is always fun to play around with them and figure out how you can use these. Many times, it can feel tricky to adjust specific settings since they can seem very technical. But more often than not, they are easy to use. One such feature of the Vizio Soundbar is the Eco Mode. If you are looking to know what the Vizio Soundbar Eco mode does and how you can use it, this article will help you out. We will see what the eco mode is meant for and how you can turn it on or off.

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What is the Vizio Sound Bar Eco Mode 

The following section of the article will explain the purpose of the eco mode, alongside how you can make the most out of it. These advantages of the feature and its settings are exclusive to Vizio Soundbar and do not apply to other soundbars or similar products. 

What Does the Eco Mode Do

The first question you are probably thinking of is what is the purpose of Eco Mode. Eco Mode works in times when you need to keep your Soundbar on standby mode. It will not turn it off, but it will keep it inactive for some time.

The content you were first listening to won’t get lost when you turn off the eco mode. You can start hearing from exactly where you stopped. It works similarly to when you put your laptop or PC on sleep mode. 

Advantages of Eco Mode

Enabling the Eco Mode on your Soundbar has many advantages. The following are some reasons why you should consider using your Soundbar on the Eco Mode. 

Saves Power

When Eco mode is on, the Soundbar uses minimum battery. You need not worry about turning off the Soundbar to save its power consumption. If the Eco Mode is not enabled and the Soundbar stays turned on when not in use, it will cause more battery usage. 

You Can Resume Where You Left

You can come back to the same media to listen to when the eco mode is on. It is incredibly convenient since you do not have to bother turning the Soundbar off and then on again and reviving the track you were playing. 

Eco Mode can be Used During Minor Interruptions

If you have any technical difficulties while using the Soundbar and need some time to get over the issue, it is better to have it on the Eco mode than turn it off completely. You can then quickly turn it on and check if the settings are working. You can also let it go on a standby again while you further look into the issue. 

Can Control it Easily Using Remote

Once the Eco mode is enabled, you can easily use your Vizio Tv remote to control certain settings. To turn on the Soundbar, use the TV Volume up button. You can also use the TV remote to control volume as well. 

How to Turn on the Eco Mode

Use the Vizio TV remote to run in Eco Mode. When you use it to turn on the Soundbar, you can look out for settings. Use the Next or Previous button to find the locations on Eco Mode. Choose Enable if you want to turn it on.

When it is on, your Soundbar will stay on standby after a certain period of inactivity. When you disable it, it stays turned on even if you don’t use it for a long time. 

To Sum it Up 

Vizio Sound Bar has an Eco Mode that is very useful. This article will help you understand everything you need to know about it. It discusses the purpose of Eco mode and the advantages of keeping it on. You can also learn how to turn it on if you find it to be useful for yourself. 

The main benefits of using Vizio Soundbar Eco Mode include power saving and going back to where you stopped using it. These are extremely convenient and save you from the effort of turning it off and then on again. It is a very comfortable setting and can be thought of as a sleep mode for your Soundbar.