VIZIO Sound Bar Static

Vizio Soundbar is extremely popular among users. It has been acclaimed with many positive reviews. However, one of the major issues many users have been facing is the Vizio Sound Bar static sound. This can happen due to many reasons. Fortunately, this issue is usually quickly resolved and in no time. This article states how you can fix the static sound coming from your Soundbar. 

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How To Fix Static Sound Coming From Vizio Soundbar

Some easy ways you can try to resolve this issue are stated below. You can try these in the order noted, and if none of these work for you, you might need to get in touch with a professional to help fix your Soundbar. 

Method 1: Firmly Connect the Connectors

It would help to make sure that the connectors on the audio cables are pushed firmly into the Vizio Soundbar. You can also unplug them and then re-plug them again. Loosely connected connectors are the leading cause of the static sound coming from the Soundbar. 

Method 2: Check The Audio Cables

Any damage or wear to the audio cables can result in many sound-related issues, including static sound. If you see any damage to the audio cables, it is better to get them replaced. You can also make sure the wires are clean and the ports since dust can prevent you from noticing any minor damages. 

Sometimes you might not see any visible wear on the cable, but they could still malfunction. This can happen if they are old. Consider replacing the audio wires if they have not been replaced in a long time. 

Method 3: Connect the Vizio SoundBar to a Different Audio Input

If the previous steps don’t resolve the issue for you, then there’s a chance that the problem lies in the audio input and not your Soundbar. To confirm this, you can connect the Soundbar to a different audio input. If the issue persists, you can be sure that your Soundbar is alright, and you might need to use a separate audio input for it. 

Method 4: Check the Audio Input on the Soundbar

The Soundbar often gives a static sound if you have not manually selected the audio input after starting it. Go through all the audio inputs and make sure you choose the one you want to play, even if you used the same audio input before turning off the Soundbar. 

Method 5: PCM Audio 

Some audio inputs don’t work on the Vizio Soundbar if they are connected with an optical cable. If the audio input or source is connected via an optical cable to your Soundbar, make sure the source device outputs PCM audio. 

Method 6: Keep your phone away from the Soundbar

Sound distortion and static sound might occur due to wrong signals or any interruption in them. You can try to keep your phone, tablet, or other electronic devices away from the Soundbar and check if the static sound remains. 

Method 7: Check if the static sound occurs on other devices

Play the same content you were playing on the Soundbar on another device and check if it shows the same issue. If other devices exhibit the same problem, there is possibly an issue with the external device. If the static sound is only on one device, then it is more likely an issue with the device itself or the cables connected to it 

Method 8: Reach out to a professional

If none of the other ways clarifies how you can resolve this problem, you might need professional guidance. There is a big chance that the issue will be quickly resolved by the professional. Soundbars usually come with a warrant of a year or two. If your Soundbar still has its warranty period on, you can get it replaced as well. 

Summing it up

Vizio soundbar Static sound is a relatively common issue. Most times, it is easily fixed at home. This article states some ways in which you can deal with this issue. Usually, replacing the cables and unplugging and replugging from the ports is all you might have to do.

 The second widespread solution is moving your phone or other gadgets from the Soundbar. You can also go through the manual of your Soundbar to check if the different settings are alright. Hopefully, these measures will solve the issue for you so you can enjoy using your Soundbar the traditional way.